Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Saturday Picture Show, 5/4/13

 What's more All-American than a couple of kids all duded up in their finery (his: rented, hers: purchased).  He even color coordinated his tie and pocket square to go with her outfit.  This is the sort of picture they can treasure through the years ahead, but I hope that someone took another shot, because the man across the street didn't color coordinate his bare buttocks for the event.
 I found this on Reddit.  The person who posted it wrote the caption: "Woman on bus just sat down next to herself in 20 years."
 The most famous photobomb of all, from the good folks at National Geographic.  The beaver looks like he is all set for a great weekend.
I guess my interest in this is not so much that a hawk landed right outside some dude's office, but that the dude in question, having seen a hawk land right outside his office, was able to pull out his phone and hit the camera button without scaring his visitor off.  Good work.

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