Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Photo challenge: Best friend

I adore my wife Peggy in ways that I can't even think of enough words to describe.  I'm writing these blogs in advance because of going to the hospital for knee replacement replacement, and Peggy is going with me.

But she is taking care of every little detail and planning everything just so.  Of course, I'm not paying a bit of attention when the hospital people tell me what kind of socks to wear and when to shave and what meds not to take, because Peggy is there and she gets all that stuff right, allowing me to concentrate on packing New Yorker magazines and my various doodads for the three-day stay.

Every hour of every day since June 21, 1973, the beautiful woman pictured above has loved me completely, perfectly, and much more than I deserve.  Of course she's my best friend.  Even if I didn't love her, she'd still be someone I'd want to talk to every day.

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