Saturday, May 11, 2013

Photo challenge: Outfit Of the Day

Unless someone has departed this mortal coil or is getting married (in which case I saved a suit and some shirts and ties and nice khaki pants), you will usually see me in the mufti pictured below.

Left - in cooler weather, blue jeans, polo shirt, and red socks.  Hoodie available if really chilly.
Right - in warmer weather, cargo shorts, t-shirt, black ankle socks.

I finish off the ensembles with a nice pair of Rockport shoes (first choice of mallwalkers the world over), an Oriole cap, and plaid boxer shorts (not seen.)

If someone claiming to be I walks up to you, and he's wearing polyester pants or a polyester shirt with any sort of cheeseball decoration anywhere, and patent leather shoes, and a fedora: it's not I.

And just why would someone try to pass themselves off as me?  There's no money in it.

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