Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Photo challenge: Change

This is just what it appears to be - a peanut butter jar filled with change.  Peggy and I scoop out excess change and stash it away in the jar, and then, every few months, we take it to the Credit Union and cash it in, sending all these coins into the electric jaws of a coin-counting machine, which pays off 95% of what it takes in in cold hard green cash.

The only way to get more money out of it would be to count and roll all the coins and take them to the Credit Union, as if anyone has time for all that nonsense.  We usually get around 45 or 50 bucks, and if that ain't enough for a nice night at the diner, I don't know what is!

By the way, I do carry some change on me, so that when I buy something for $3.28, I can give the cashier a five spot along with a quarter and three pennies and get back two singles.  Now and then you hear about someone wanting to get rid of pennies, but hey! Used to be, you could get a pretzel stick or a single Mary Jane candy for that penny.

Used to be.

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