Thursday, May 23, 2013

Photo challenge: PJs

Well, I always promised to be honest with you, and for this date, the photo challenge asks for a photo of my PJs.  Pajamas.  I think I wore them as a kid and I'm certain that the ones I wore back then had pictures of luminaries such as Hopalong Cassidy, Roy Rogers and Sandra Dee.

But it seems to me that any time I see surveillance photos of men running down the street with their pants in their hands, they are not wearing pajamas at all, but some combination of "underwears" (as Filly Giove  >>>from Jerseylicious would say.)

I always figure one of these designs
must be the family tartan!
Circumstances like that never arise for me.  I do keep my jeans hanging up in the dressing room in case that 2:47 AM phone call comes in and I need to scoot.  Otherwise, once I retire for the evening, you may count on me to be clad in a    T- shirt and boxer shorts.  Plaid.   No pajamas, no velvet smoking jacket or silk robe.

I said I'd be honest.  I never said I'd be elegant!

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