Sunday, May 5, 2013

Photo challenge: handwriting

I'm a little late seeing this May Photo Challenge. But it works for me, with being in the hospital and then lumbering around the house on crutches or a walker or whatever.  So let's start right in:  Here's the deal...and I might now always have my own picture for everything...but I'll steal  get one from somewhere!
Cardinal Clark's autograph
May 5, and they want a sample of handwriting?  My handwriting would not be of interest, or even legible.  But here are two famous people with the same name as I...Mark Clark, a  onetime major league pitcher, and General Mark Clark, who chased Rommel across Egypt in World War II.

General Clark's autograph
I sent the card to the ballplayer and he autographed it and sent it back.

General Clark passed away in 1984, but he lives on in memory.  There is a section of I-526 down in Charleston,South Carolina, named for him and friends of mine on the way to Myrtle Beach and the Outer Banks are sometimes surprised that someone down there named a road after me.  Or just the off-ramp.

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