Friday, May 31, 2013

Photo challenge: 5 things

The photo challenge for the month of May wraps up today by asking for pictures of "5 things."  5 what things?  They leave it open, and so I settled on pictures of 5 things that I always make sure I have on hand anywhere - at home, or in the truck when I am out and about.  With these 5 things, I can pretty much get by, and fix anything, or at least patch things up temporarily...

If you have a bottle of water on hand, you will be glad.  Trust me.  Keep several, and keep an empty bottle such as a 1/2 gallon milk container handy too, if you think there is a chance you might get stuck on the interstate for 4 hours one evening when a sudden sleet storm locks up traffic for miles around and you're in the car wishing you hadn't had that cup of coffee right before you left the office.

There's an old saying, "Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot cure" and the corollary is that there are doggone few things in life that can't be at least temporarily fixed with duct tape.  Everyone knows that, but not everyone remembers to throw a roll in the trunk.
 With a Leatherman tool, you have about all the blades, pliers and screwdrivers you'd need to make snappy repairs.  Also, they are handy for when you buy a CD and you have to perform surgery to open the packaging so you can hear the music!
 When Marge Simpson asked Bart who George Washington Carver was, Bart got it wrong by answering, "The guy who cut up George Washington."  Mr Carver was the man who determined that a pound of peanuts packs more protein than a pound of steak.  Have some in the car for a protein-packed snackeroo and never go hungry!
You need WD40 for several hundred reasons.  A good starter list is here on the net.  But remember - if you held part of your car together with duct tape and later get things fixed right, the WD will take away the goo left behind by the tape!

These five things are things you'll be glad you have someday.  Trust me!  See you tomorrow!

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