Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Photo challenge: everyday jewelry

It is very simple to get a good photo of all the everyday jewelry I wear every day.  There are but two items:  my wedding ring and a watch.

My wedding ring has been in place since 12/8/73 and that little band of gold represents everything that's good in my life.

The watches have come and gone, but trust me on this, I would sooner have a dozen Timex Ironman watches scattered around than one Rolex or whatever.  Sure, those high-class watches are nice to look at, and people will admire the man who can afford to wear one.  But they can't ask him much more than what time it is and what's the date, while we Timexers can, with the push of a button or two, time an event with a stopwatch, set a timer to wake ourselves from a nap, be reminded of important dates and occasions, have as many as three daily or weekly alarms set to remind us to do this or that, and see what time it is in another whole time zone.

All for less than 60 semolians, while you can spend $39, 250 for the men's Diamond ROLEX Oyster Watch Perpetual Day-Date model.  Just go see your local Rolex dealer!  They've already seen you coming!

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