Friday, May 24, 2013

Photo challenge: Dream Vacation

Today we are asked to show pictures of our dream vacation.  I'm always ready for this one!  I have rolled it over so many times, and yet the people at Powerball refuse to give me the money I so clearly deserve.

BUT!  When they back up the Brink's truck to my door and start tossing huge bags filled with greenbacks into my garage, I want to be able to tell Sam and Nancy next door where to forward any important mail!

First stop will be the place where we take a week in August to get a little sun on the beach.  Cape May, NJ, the beach town that is like Mayberry With An Ocean.  We could stay there for a couple of weeks...

Palmer, Weaver, Murray, Ripken
...and then we would head up to Cooperstown, New York, to take in the Baseball Hall of Fame.  These Orioles are enshrined there and I would love to see their plaques and exhibits.

Brooks, Anderson, Wagoner and Dickens
Pausing only briefly here at the Lazy 'C' Ranch, to do some laundry and sleep in our own bed for a few nights, we would then pack that fresh laundry and take off for Nashville, to see a show of the Grand Ole Opry.  They still trot "Little" Jimmy Dickens out most nights and I don't think I would want to go to heaven and not be able to say, "Oh yes, Little Jimmy...been into him for years, and we just saw him in '13 at the Opry!

Then we'd leave the USA for two weeks so that Peggy could get to see France.  As it happens, I am in very tight with their queen, so she could get me a deal on one of those 5' loaves of bread, and a beret, the one hat in the world that accomplishes nothing in terms of sunshade for ears and backs of necks. I guess I could fill it with crepes and just mainly hang around the hotel lobby.

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