Monday, May 13, 2013

Photo challenge: Someone I miss

I miss a lot of people.  But I have to say that my maternal grandfather, E. Joseph Schissler, is at the top of the list or very close to it.
Here he is, way back in the day.  He had a sense of humor a lot like mine, so I guess you can say he helped form mine, for better or for worse.  It was under his tutelage that I was to learn all I know about how to bend the Land o' Lakes butter package (google images of "land o lakes girl trick") and how to turn a pack of Pep Boys matches into something much more fun.  He had me saying, "Don't go away mad, just go away!" long before Mötley Crüe had me singing it, and he knew just about every old vaudeville joke that there was.

He also had a garage full of the most amazing junk and stuff.  In fact, he should have opened a business in the mall called Junk 'n' Stuff. Old magazines, threaded pipes, scrap wood: all were things he had in abundance.  

Along with a lot of love and joy.  So that's why I miss him.

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