Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tune in

I love radio, especially the way radio used to be, with real live DJs playing records and talking about them, instead of people reading from what they call promo cards about your chance to vie with every other citizen in the nation for a twenty dollar car wash gift certificate coming up in just minutes here on Q102!

In fact, one of the nicest compliments I can recall from my days of being a DJ was when a man told me that he used to like listening to my station because it was like sitting around with a friend, sharing a record collection and chatting.  When you talk with a friend, you say, "Maybe in a little while we could call for a pizza, huh?" You don't say, "Your chance to get a two-topping special coming up in just minutes!"  like they do in the big city radio.

Curiously, small town radio still has a lot of the folksiness and friendliness that the big stations used to have before they became corporate cash calves.   And I get to hear a lot of those small town stations whenever the Mrs and I go on vacation, because our destinations are always places such as Cape May NJ, Lancaster PA and Williamsburg VA...none of which can be called burgeoning metropolises.

Why any metropolis would want to "burgeon" is beyond me.

Give me the kind of radio where the DJ plays a record and then ad-libs a live commercial for a local dry-cleaner or body-and-fender shop and then plays "The Christmas Guest" by Grandpa Jones and I'll be happy...and listening on the internets!

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