Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Saturday Picture Show 12 21 13

Please forgive me a moment of self-indulgence. Today's Picture Show is all some pictures from our annual trip to Baltimore's colorful, picturesque Hampden section.  We meet up with our niece Laura and the amazing kids Preslee, Mason and Finley, and then we meet our friend Marissa down in the city for dinner at the Cafe Hon and a stroll down 34th Street, where the entire neighborhood goes nuts with the Christmas decorations.  It's one of our favorite holiday traditions!
 This is a house on Falls Rd, not even in Hampden just yet, but fully decked out!
 Servers take the best family photos!
 And here we go, seeing what we saw!
 And I'm taking pictures of the scene and I go, hey!  I know this nice lady!
 Sara is one of the most dedicated, knowledgeable and hard-working Public Health Nurses with whom I worked, back in the day.  She was with her runners' group...they RAN to see the lights...and then they RAN back home!  It was so good to see her...and so Baltimore to see her at The Lights, hon!
 This house is all about the records!
 After a while, the wonderfulness of all the happiness just fills your soul.

You have to be from Baltimore to know these two.  She is the symbol for Utz Potato Chips, and he is the logo for National Beer.  You couldn't ask for more representative Baltimore figures, unless you had a John Waters lighted statue!  We had a great time at The Lights of 34th Street - see you next year!

Merry Christmas from me and Peggy!

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