Thursday, December 12, 2013

Be You

My friend Julie McDonnell - I once had the honor of working in the same building as she, although many floors lower - has an excellent blog that I recommend to those in search of uplifting reading.  Yesterday she asked readers to finish these sentences.   So here I go.  Remember, Julie's is the uplifting blog!

 Be You
One sentence for each statement.

Ready.  Set.  Go.

i was:  a radio DJ when i was 20 and I appreciate being able to achieve a childhood dream/goal.

i am:  in awe of how lucky I have been every day of my life and I hope I show my gratitude

i think:  that if only people would realize how little time others spent thinking about them, they would spend much less time worrying about what others think of them.

i wonder:  if it's possible for this Paul Ryan guy to appear in public without a self-satisfied
sardonic smirk on his mug.  Lower the eyebrows, dude.

i wish:  I had learned ventriloquism instead of whatever it is I did learn.

i save:  things that will bring back happy memories in the future

i always:  give thanks to God for all that I have.  I happen to think that He is a very good guy with like the ultimate sense of humor!

i can't imagine:  living anywhere but right here.  What I read about other parts of this country scares me 1/2 to death.

i believe: that things are always going to work out for the best

i promise:  to be the best husband I can be, to vote in every election, and to be myself at all times.  The ability of so many people to so protean as to change personalities depending on the circumstance is beyond my reach as an actor, since I have no ability in that field (and many others.)

i love: Peggy, laughter, reading, television, radio, music, football, baseball, writing, learning, The New Yorker, Jack Kerouac, Joseph Mitchell and traditional twangy country music.

i scrap:  I save everything that ought to be in a scrapbook. Just haven't gotten around to pasting it in.

i never: have voted for anyone other than members of my own party and I will never do otherwise.

Your turn.  Link back to me with your "Be You" statements.

Don't linger on your answers.  Jot down the first thing that pops in your brain.

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