Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Saturday Picture Show, December 14, 2013

 Here we see a young polar bear hitching a ride with his/her mommy.  Being a more advanced society, polar bears do not have seat belt laws, nor do they have support groups, state legislatures or federal circuit appeals courts.
 What we have here is a bottle of champagne from a 200-year old shipwreck in the Baltic Sea.  My guess is that they were christening the ship with the bottle of champagne, but it failed to break over the bow of the early version of the Edmund Fitzgerald, and the boat sank.  Who knew they had champagne 200 years ago?  They didn't have cable tv, though.
 My first car was a stick, and once you learn how to drive one, you never forget.  I borrowed a truck from a buddy once, some 17 years after I had last tromped on a clutch pedal with my left foot, and it all came back to me in the first block I drove.  But - this is very nice, for this driver to advise people behind of possible stall-outs.
 For extra credit in Biology, forward this picture to your teacher and write 500 words on tadpole life as we know it.
I am always fascinated by paint spills on the roadway, but it's usually the result of a gallon of Kem-Tone falling out of the bed of some painter's pickup.  While the police and the crowd sort out this accident on some faraway street, look how cool the street looks!  Frame it!

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