Wednesday, December 4, 2013


I often wonder what people are thinking when they name things, such as committees, corporations, and children.   Here is something from a friend where I used to work: 
There's a business that I deal with regularly whose slogan includes their "Dedication to POS Solutions". It always takes me at least 3 tries before I remember that it stands for Point Of Sale.
  Now, I assume that most of you understand the acronym POS, and even if the person who came up with that slogan did not understand it, surely someone in the office knew it and failed to mention it to the bigshots.

And sometimes, the acronym got there first.  There's no one to blame for the middle of the week having days named W, T and F. In New York, the F, M and L subway lines constitute a path (to where, I don't know) but now the signs are provoking laughter, which never happened before. Only students of Latin know that POTUS, which the Secret Service uses to denote President Of The United States, means "drunk" in the ancient language. 

They just weren't thinking in Iowa, when they named an agency the Department Of Aging.

There is an organization behind all those goofy wrasslers you see on pay-per-view events...WWE, World Wrestling Entertainment. They used to call themselves WWF, for World Wrestling Foundation, but the people over at the World Wildlife Fund, who had that name registered for a long time, had to take the sweaty grapplers to court to make them change their name.  

While in court, the litigants might have seen people born with embarrassing names paying the money to change them.  Dick Butkus was tough enough to deal with any taunts that might have come his way, but surely a man named Richard E. Normus or Willie Stroker might want to shell out the court fee and change over to John Smith. 

It goes without saying that if your last name is any sort of measurement - Long, Short, Small, etc. - you would want to avoid naming a male child something such as Peter, Richard or Johnson. 

If you need legal advice about changing your name, let me know and I'll put you in touch with these lawyers I know...the legal team of F. and A. Wright.

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