Monday, December 30, 2013

All I can say is, "Wow."

I always catch hell from my friends and readers who support business owners and call them "job creators" when they put their own profits and comfort ahead of the working class that made them what they are.  Which is often not much, granted.

But what about when they are "job removers"? Two days before Christmas, one of the Chicago locations of some chain sub shop called "Snarf's" (what an appetizing name!  How could there be a worse name for a place to get a sandwich?) decided that it was time to close the place down to "reconcept" it.  So all the people who worked there got fired by this email:

1. Due to increased competition and losses, ownership has decided to consider remodeling and reconcepting the store at 600 West Chicago Ave.
2. The store is closing, effective tomorrow, December 23, 2013 for an unknown period of time for this remodeling and reconcepting.
3. All staff is terminated, effective Monday, December 23, 2013.
4. All staff may apply for unemployment, if eligible.
5. Return any keys and Company property to Will Ravert at 600 West Chicago Avenue on Monday, December 23, 2014 during normal business hours.
6. Payroll will be processed as usual this week and paid on Friday, December 27, 2013.
7. Keep an eye out for the grand opening of the new store.
8. Ownership appreciates your service and wish you well in your new endeavors.
Doug Besant
Director of Operations
Doug Besant (right) leaves
the office 
Nice, Doug.  Very kind of you to wish everyone well, albeit ungrammatically.  Go ahead and file for unemployment, you devoted former employees, he says.

And people wonder why there is no loyalty.

Tell you something that old Dougie "Niedermayer" Besant might be wondering about, and that is, where are all the keys and all the company property?  And then maybe someone else who still works for him will tell him that this email says those items are to be returned by December 23, 2014.

Have a nice year waiting!

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