Friday, December 6, 2013

My Review of a show I haven't seen as of the time the review was written

I am writing this a few days in advance, so it's possible that this show did not run last night.  But assuming that it did, here is my advance review of The Sound of Music Live! which was on NBC last night to great acclaim.

I have never seen the original movie of The Sound of Music, but it's Peggy's favorite movie, so I am treated to bits and pieces of it in bits and pieces.  For instance, when Stewie ran along dressed like a woman and singing "I have confidence in sunshine" I had no idea what the joke was, and attributed it to Stewie's predilection for transvestism when Peggy said "Oh my God!  He's doing that song that Maria did!" And the Family Guy family did some other "SoM" bits that she needed to explain to me, as well.  I know it was a hit Broadway musical and a big movie too, starring Julie Andrews, but the story holds no interest for me so I have yet to see the movie, and if I live to be 100, I don't see me wanting to see it.  

But I do know it's a popular story and people love it, so NBC hired Carrie Underwood, former American Idol and current favorite on the "country" music charts, to headline a live production of the play last night.

And, Americans responded by writing to her and tweeting their displeasure.  How DARE she portray a role that Julie Andrews played a lifetime ago?  Who does she think she is?  As you'll see in this article from the NY Daily News, she heard from a number of her fellow citizens about this.  

And I bet that a certain amount of the people who took the time to tap out a tweet to Carrie were also people who once took the time to vote for her on American Idol. 

OK.  What I know for sure is that I think Carrie Underwood is a very gifted singer and a beautiful woman, which are qualities that entitle her to star in a musical.  Which Peggy watched last night, and even though I am writing this before anyone saw anything, I know she enjoyed it!

I also know for sure the sad fact that a certain percentage of the people with whom we share this land enjoy building people up to where they are famous celebrities, rich and popular and successful in their show business undertakings, and then pick on them and try to undermine the very popularity that they only recently built up.  

What I don't know for sure is why.

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