Monday, December 23, 2013

A good bad guy

An old expression holds that there is "no honor among thieves," but here's a story about a thief in Spain who did a good thing while doing a bad thing.

In Jaen, in Southern Spain, a guy broke into a house and got away with some electric appliances and an old video camera with some old video tapes.

The homeowner, a 64-year old male soccer coach, reported to police that someone had broken into his house and stolen some electric appliances.  He did not report the theft of the camera and tapes.

Shortly thereafter, the police got another call.  This time, it was the thief, calling to say that they should look under a parked car at a location he named for an envelope with some interesting contents.

"I've had the misfortune that these tapes have fallen into my hands and I feel obligated to turn them in so that you can do your job and put that (expletive) in prison for life," he wrote in a note, before not writing his name or phone number.

Map of Spain showing where Jaen is
The tapes show scenes of a man committing sexual atrocities on boys.  Police went back to the man's house, and searched it, and found more tapes with similar disgusting content.

The police are back to searching for the burglar, but they already have the real bad guy in custody.

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