Monday, April 15, 2013

You might be getting married if...

Jeff Foxworthy is not really my cup of Dr Pepper; I don't really care for comics whose entire act is built on one gag line ("You might be a redneck if...")

Well, you might be a game show host if people get tired of your standup routine.  Foxworthy used to host that "Are You As Smart As This Know-it-All Kid Over Here?" show and now, so they say, he is in charge of The American Bible Challenge on the Game Show Network.

"You might be Nebuchadnezzar if...?"

I've never seen that show.  It's on the Game Show Network, and I do like that channel for old reruns of Match Game, and the occasional Password from the olden days.

Booth Announcer: (sotto voce) "The password is TURGID"

Allen Ludden: (eyebrows raised) "To you, Jim you, Betty White...and to you at home..." (outstretched hand)

Now they are going to have another religious game show on GSN.  They call this one "It Takes A Church," and the network says that church members will "compete to find a love interest for a single member of the congregation."

Somehow I think of church picnics in the far distant dim recesses of the memory.  Church members "competing" conjures three-legged races and passing a Lifesaver from a toothpick sticking out of your mouth to a toothpick likewise brandished by a fellow churchgoer.  And so is that how we are to find our new partners in life, on a game show hosted by Jeff Foxworthy?

I don't know what kind of games they are going to play to enable people to find that perfect Mr Wright or Miss Adventure. I'm not sure that love can be dealt out by antics on a game show.

I can suggest another name for the show:  "Marriage Made in Heaven."  And a theme song, from The Boxtops.

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