Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring Foreword

Spring began on March 20, according to the calendar, but around here, we don't go by the calendar.  We really can't. Spring begins for real on the first day we can open windows and sliding doors and turn on some fans to get some AIR in here, for crying out loud!

That day was yesterday, when the temperature peaked at 77°. That was the warmest day of 2013, but April 8 shouldn't send out for any plaques to celebrate it, because it will lose the title today, when it's supposed to be in the low 80s, and then look here at Wednesday, when we might see the upper 80s.   As always, we go from 40° to 85° in a matter of days.

I try to keep this to myself, because people look at me askance for saying so, but give me a chilly 40° and a little bit o'drizzle. I know!  Everyone gets all worked up over sun and 70-something, but anyway.

This first day of warm weather is a sign to clean out the car and truck, so I remove the dozen or so jackets and scarves and 17 gloves (you notice the odd number, right?) that were stashed away "just in case" in fall and "winter," which is something we really don't get anymore.  I got the vacuum out yesterday and cleaned out the SUV, the floor of which was starting to resemble one of those bars with peanut shells and I don't know what-all else all over the floor.  I'll hit the free car wash today and that will be the extent of my car prep for the summer.

Open windows in the house remind us of all we miss during the months from October to April.  For one thing, Police, Fire and EMS units race across the big road a block away at a rate of five times an hour, or so it would seem.  Other things we get to hear: kids on Big Wheels, car stereos with highly powerful sound systems, and the neighborhood pooches:  Sir Barksalot and his son, Barky, Jr.

And of course, for those who deal with spring allergies, the amusing sensation that your eyelids are being glued shut by some demonic force and you can't do anything about it because you're too busy coughing and sneezing is always a lot of fun.  I know that others deal with a lot worse stuff, so I don't weep over the allergies.  But then again, I do.

The sweet fragrance of spring blossoms is augmented by the aroma of charcoal lighter fluid, followed by the delightful attar of a nice T-bone sizzling away.

It's spring!  You gotta love it!

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