Tuesday, April 23, 2013


It was Sunday morning and I was casting my internet to see what was going on in the world.  At about 7 AM there was a report of a fatal accident down on the east side, a couple of miles away on Rte 40.  Two people were dead and two were injured, taken to a hospital.  The make of car that was the same as the cars driven by two friends of mine who live down that way...

So I waited and fretted.  I mean, a zillion people drive Mustangs.  They've been making them since 1964, and they have been popular all along, so the odds that my young friends were involved were long, for sure.  Still...

When I saw my friend's sister post pictures of her wonderful baby boy, I knew that was not something that she would do if her family was involved, clearly.  So I felt better and wrote to her, a sort of "sigh" message to let her know I was thinking of them all.  Several other people had similarly checked in. 
The choral work Carmina Burana concerns
mystical forces that control the fates.

Some other family, some other sets of friends and loved ones were not so lucky.  Many lives have been altered, and two have been ended, because of this accident.  We've all lost friends in accidents and the like, and it is not easy to deal with.  I feel sorry for the people of the people in the wreck.  This time, the wheel came around and pointed to them.  It's a shame.

Worrying and fretting about the ones we love and care for does no good at all.  But sometimes, it's all you can do.

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