Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Saturday Picture Show 4/20/13

 Of COURSE you have a job.  Being Kid Rock is most certainly a job, isn't it?
 I bring this up because My Giant plays some pretty great pop music on its Muzak.  If they think they can get me to buy more fig newtons by playing "Mmmm Bop"...they are right!
 Jane Goodall was the lady with the chimpanzees, right?  I like this shows a path and we have choices on our paths.  I try to make a good difference.  I don't always, but St Peter has a notation for "he tried" on that big scorecard.  I hope.
Here's a picture of a pretty lady.  You see her every day if you own and operate a TV set.  I'll even tell you her's Stephanie Courtney.  But you know her as someone else in a series of commercials that I, for one, find irritating.  Not as irritating as that local car dealer who has stuff landing on his head all the time as he and one of his men sit there guffawing like maniacs.  But anyhow..Ms Courtney, with way too much makeup, plays Flo, in those insurance commercials.  I like her better this way.

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