Friday, April 19, 2013

Picture This

Tonight we are heading up to Friendly Farm with our friends the Duffs, Tim and Marlene, and their daughter Mallory, who is just coming off a serious back operation.  This will be her first time going out for a while, and I can't think of a better place to go for such a happy event!

Over the years, in the course of our many visits to the Farm, up in Northern Baltimore County, I have stunned other diners by pulling out my camera or cell phone and taking pictures of my food, just before I dive headlong into consuming it.

I love the idea of well-prepared and well-served food, so I take pictures.  And I certainly don't take time to set up the shot and arrange the lighting and defeat the shadows and all that.  I'm trying to eat!  So I snap a picture and away I go.  Here we see Peggy's chicken dinner and my seafood combo - the best crabcake in the world and six of the finest shrimp that ever bobbed around in the sea.  All up at the finest restaurant in the world, the splendid Friendly Farm.

I stumbled across this website lately, and you might enjoy it if you're as crazy as I am interested in photographs of food. It's called Pictures of Hipsters Taking Pictures of Food, and it bumps up the bet from my stark, unartistic snapshots by being pictures of people who are taking pictures of food.  So, in order for us to even get a picture on this site, I will need to inveigle Peggy into taking a picture of me as I take a picture of my chow.

This is not going to happen.  Peggy never does anything that would cause people at other tables to nudge each other's elbows and lean their heads in our direction, eyes rolling all the while.  She is classy and well-mannered.And yet, look at whom she married.

So, the next step in this progression will be to have someone taking a picture of someone who is taking a picture of me as I take a picture of a plate of seafood.

I'll let you know how it turns out!

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