Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Saturday Picture Show, 4/27/13

 This week, Peggy and I went to Lancaster, PA, to spend a few days with the Amish people.  Of course, I often wish that we had moved there many years ago, up where a crime wave is the theft of some grain or an outhouse being moved off its moorings.  But then we wouldn't have met many of you, so never mind.  I'm glad I'm here, and in my continuing series of Pictures Of My Food, please say hello to Grandma's Pancake Breakfast at Cracker Barrel.  Am I alone in thinking this would make a nice wallpaper?
 At many places around Amish Country, you can get into a horse-drawn buggy and take a guided tour.  They are not pushy about this at all.  They are not pushy about anything at all up there.  Notice the tour guide, sitting beneath the booth, reading.  If you want to take the tour, she will be glad to take you, but it's up to you.  She will not chase you across the parking lot or anything. This ain't New York, buddy.
 Having grown up near Cowpens Avenue in Towson, MD, and living not all that far from Cockeysville, MD, I guess I got used to street and town names that crack other people up.  Many people live and work and shop in Intercourse, PA and they don't giggle about it.  It's just down the road from Bird-In-Hand, PA, and a hoot and a holler from Blue Ball.
 I could've stared at this llama's bottom teeth all day, but there was shopping to do.  I kept thinking, he reminds me of someone I know, and don't you hate that when you can't figure out whom you're thinking of?  Well, it came to me.  He looks like that guy James William Bottomtooth III
from "Family Guy," the guy who worked at The New Yorker in the "Brian Goes Back to College" episode.  I had to look up what the condition is that makes JWB look that way. The Dentists among us will recognize a case of Pathologic mandibular prognathism when they see it.  That's the fancy term for a lower jaw whose choppers extend way out there.  I looked it up.
 I took tons of pictures like this and I can't tell you how great the views are all around Amish Country.  Their farms are so cool, and the people on them are as well.
Imagine, a sunset like this every night, with clear unsmoggy skies and no sirens, amplified mufflers or cars with stereos so loud that they vibrate the neighborhood as they prowl the neighborhood.  And you don't need air freshener for the car...Nature's own scent, fresh fertilizer, bathes the area in a pleasant aroma.

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