Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Saturday Picture Show, 4/6/13

OK.  You have a farm.  You grow lettuce.  Your heads of lettuce grow big and firm and green in the warm sunshine.  You might say that they grow to be "titanic" in size, but when you combine that word with the style of lettuce you ship out...hmmm.
 I remember getting the big 64-crayon size of Crayolas in second grade.  That was the box that had the little sharpener built right in on the back.  This seems to be a picture of the contents of the new 6400-pack, which comes with a combination sharpener/microwave/DVR player attached.
 Prom season is drawing near, time for one of the annual rituals we associate with April and May's efflorescence of flowers.  If you're around the Olive Garden or Don Pablo's in the early evening of prom night, you'll see a limo or minibus pull up and out will stride the young ladies of 11th and 12th grade, all sleek and turned out, lovely and elegant as the young Audrey Hepburn.  And then, here come the boys, goofily shod in sneakers with ill-fitting tuxedos, ties askew and arms akimbo, punching each other in the shoulder while the ladies stand coolly by, waiting for them to grow up.  The fellow in this picture, surrounded by two bonnie lasses, has no idea what to do with his arms, so is assuming the appropriate posture.
I'm sure this took a wee bit of touching up, either by Photoshop or small kitchen knife, but here's The King, inviting you over for breakfast.  Thank YOU very muchhhhhhhhh.

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