Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Saturday Picture Show, 4/13/13

 This picture was taken by someone in the passenger seat of a car that was on a highway during a snowstorm.  Activities that might have been better for this passenger to pursue, rather than taking a picture of the bleak vista outside, might have included suggesting that the driver pull over, and getting outside to clear the wipers a little.
Someone had time and talent enough to make a picture of Jimi Hendrix, using only guitar picks as a medium.  This kind of thing, to me, is cool as a moose.  Next project: a statue of Mitch McConnell made entirely of corn muffins!
 We like the clever use of things for doing other things - they call it "re-purposing."  In this photo, a member of the tight-knit knitting community is using screwdrivers to handcraft a scarf, while somewhere else in the house, someone is trying to tighten a hinge, using knitting needles because he can't find a screwdriver.
I have nothing to say about this picture except to ask you to look at this duck's eyes, which seem to be wordlessly saying, "What are YOU looking at?"  If he starts throwing things at you, you'd better duck.

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