Thursday, October 7, 2010

Time to Dine!

My dad used to tell me that any food combination was ok as long as you could handle any of the parts by itself.  Therefore, ice cream and steamed crabs, milk and pizza, peanut butter and anchovies: all fair game.  Dad didn't eat stuff like that, you understand, but it seemed that back in our day we heard playground rumors about "this kid from another school who ate marshmallows with ravioli and died from a stomach disease."  Ah, the great allure of food myths.  Like the guy who "got a four-piece chicken box and one of the pieces was a fried rat."  That story, with appropriate local embellishing details, probably went through every school in the country at one time.  And remember this old saw?  "Just drop an aspirin in a bottle of coke and get a girl to drink it and she'll do anything you want her to." A bunch of us asked our chemistry teacher about that, real confidential-like, and he said there was no reason for that to be true and we shouldn't pay any attention to rumors.  So naturally, we said either he didn't know what he was talking about OR he knew what we asked was right but he didn't want us to corrupt any girls so he told us it didn't work.

If you're fifteen and reading this, it doesn't work.  Word. (I was going to say "Word to your mother" but she would be on my side anyway).

Needs meatballs
This all comes to mind because I saw this article in the New York Times that describes the popularity of a concoction known as spaghetti tacos, which is a culinary affectation beloved by viewers of the "iCarly" TV show.  You have to love the Italo-Mexican partnership that brought these two tastes together.  Hey, if you like this sort of thing, who's to tell you not to eat it?

And for what meal, for that matter?  I know people who eat soup, or frozen turkey dinners for breakfast, and some people look at them askance, as if they were committing a major sin.  And I am a long-time crusader on the topic of breakfast foods for dinner and will keep on advocating for that cause. 

We can all agree that it's more important what we eat than when we eat it!  Brussels sprouts and oatmeal, coming right up!

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