Sunday, October 10, 2010

Come Outside

Stolen from Marissa Leigh! And I have to say, it is uncanny how often this works out to be funny!

I. Put your iTunes on shuffle.
II.For each question, press the next button to get your answer.

1.) If someone says, “Is this Okay?” you say…"Something to Brag About" - Willie Nelson and Mary Kay Place

2.) What would best describe your personality? "Cool Night" - Paul Davis

3.) What do you like in a guy/girl? "Breathless" - Jerry Lee Lewis

4.) How do you feel today?  "Reminiscing" - Buddy Holly

5.) What is your life’s purpose? "Chasin' Pirates" - Norah Jones

6.) What is your motto?  "Out Go The Lights" - Pat Travers Band

7.) What do you think of your parents?  "Lightnin' Strikes" - Lou Christie

8.) What do you think about very often?  "She'd Rather Be With Me" - The Turtles

9.) What is 2+2?  "Show Me" - Joe Tex

10.) What do you think of your best friend?  "It's a Beautiful Day" - Wynn Stewart

11.) What do you think of the person you like?  "If I Had No Loot" - Tony! Toni! Tone!

12.) What is your life’s story? "I Told You So" - Carrie Underwood and Randy Travis

13.) What do you want to be when you grow up?  "Seduced" - Leon Redbone

14.) What do you think when you see the person you like?  "If My Friends Could See Me Now" - Sammy Davis, Jr.

15.) What do your parents think of you?  "Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)" - Motley Crue

16.) What will you dance to at your wedding?  "Thanks A Lot"(Live) - Ernest Tubb

17.) What will they play at your funeral?  "Do It Again" - Beach Boys

18.) What is your hobby/interest?  "Strawberry Letter #23" - Brothers Johnson

19.) What is your biggest secret?  "The Lord Knows I'm Drinking" - Cal Smith

20.) What do you think of your friends? "What Do You Want From Life?" - The Tubes

21) What's the worst thing that could happen?  "The Orange County Lumber Truck" - Mothers of Invention

22.) How will you die?  "Pistol Packin' Mama" - Bing Crosby

23.) Does anyone like you?  "Giving It Up for Your Love" - Delbert McClinton

24.) If you could go back in time, what would you change?  "Ain't Wasting Time No More" - Allman Brothers Band

25.) What hurts right now? "All Night Long" - Rainbow

26.) What will you post this as? "Come Outside" - Mike Sarne and Wendy Richard

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