Monday, October 25, 2010

I see ya!

We are living in a world where just about every action, everything anyone does, is being seen by cameras and recorded digitally.  You see this on the news all the time: some armed holdup or bank caper occurs, and police have award-winning-quality video of the entire event.  They even have close-ups of the crook's face, enabling the jury to determine his state of mind just before the dye-pack blew up.

We talked before about how Anne Arundel County, Maryland, is all worked up over the debate about whether to put a slot machine parlor in a mall parking lot.  My heavens, say the opponents, we can't have gamblers and their ilk mixing with the children who congregate in the mall!

Of course we can't!  By the time the children are finished robbing the gamblers at gunpoint in the parking lot, there'll be no money to go dump into a slot machine!

But one of the men opposed to this bill decided to take matters into his own hands ALLEGEDLY.  So he dressed in a reflective vest and hard hat and went out at 4 in the morning, ALLEGEDLY tearing down the signs posted by the proponents of the bill.

He looked really great in the surveillance video, too.  You see the police car roll up, the cop hops out, and after a short exchange of pleasantries, the officer fits the man for a nice set of handcuffs.  Watch it here, as part of our new feature "You Be The Jury!"

From here on in, just figure on everything you do being available for widespread public viewing enjoyment!  And don't relax: they're working on showing what you're THINKING next!

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