Saturday, October 23, 2010

Love Ballot

Less than two weeks before the November 2 elections, and the commercials continue to play over and over.  This guy is no good, but vote for this guy and everything will be better within minutes of his taking office.  Vote against slots at the mall, so they'll have to put them at the racetrack.  Even though there can't be slots at the racetrack.  On and on they go, as unending as the verbal barrage of Judge Judy. (I wonder if she ever had to run for office.)

But could I pose just one question? This was a stunner to me, to see that the big governor's race (gubernatorial) in Maryland is like 47% to 43%, with 4% voting for fringe candidates who have no better chance of winning than I have of escorting Lindsay Lohan to the Rehab Reunion....and 6% undecided!

Could someone tell me how it feels to be undecided, two weeks away from the election?  I mean, if you just moved here from Brattleboro, I can see that you'd need a little more time to form an opinion about the candidates.  But if you've been here for any length of time, you have to know which guy you like in this, and all the other ballot choices, this fall. 

Is it that when the pollsters ask how people are going to going to vote, some people just feel more comfortable saying, "Oh, I really don't know yet!" 

But the puzzler is that, when you go to vote - and I hope you will - you are handed fliers and pamphlets and buttons promoting one candidate or the other as you try to make your way from your car to the polls. Now, if you are walking in to where you vote and you don't yet know how you'll vote, please let me know how that feels!

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