Saturday, October 9, 2010

Another pleasurable dining experience

For those seeking a new thrill in their dining experience, FOX45 recommends that we all scoot down to a place in the Inner Harbor called Dick's Last Resort.  

The review doesn't say anything about how good the chow is, or not.  This is one of those restaurants where the atmosphere is the king.  The bit is, the servers insult the diners. 

This is recycling a form of service that has been in use for decades in New York City delicatessens and every Wendy's I've even been in, but those people are the kings and queens of putting you down while they put your food down in a bag.  The staff at D's LR seem sort of tentative about it, and they are told that there are some people who just don't want to play along.  I guess in that case, give 'em their fish and chips for $14.99 and send 'em on their way. 

But you get a table full of live wires and away you go!  Four or five guys who work together and razz each other mercilessly would be the ideal table for a practiced insulter.  Their intelligence, their height, their sexual proclivities, the faithfulness of their spouses, the provenance of their children, all grist for the mill.

Another popular feature is, the server makes a paper hat for a customer with some sort of slanderous slogan written on it.  Who could not enjoy wearing something like a hat that calls them a slut?

I can see this going bad in many ways.  Add alcohol to any mix of people, and the ship is gonna hit the sand. Someone is going to be wearing onion ring earrings, and not by their own choice.  And it might break into a fracas among the staff and the diners.  Who knows?

I like to go to the diner over near us.  The parking is free and no one is hurling insults or putdowns.  They bring your food after exchanging pleasantries, and you eat your food, and you pay the nice lady at the door on your way out. 

I had to know, so I contacted the company to find out which Dick owns the joint.  I have a hunch.

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