Sunday, October 3, 2010

I guess later he went to the roof to adjust the aerial

THIS comes to us from the UK...the Mirror newspaper  (online version) ran this story and a picture.

Perched 34 storeys up, a daredevil flat-dweller leans precariously across a narrow ledge… to clean his windows.
The bare-chested spiderman took his life in his hands as he stepped out with a long-handled squeegee, clinging to the frame to steady himself.

His scary exploits drew gasps from other residents in the Jumeirah Beach area of Dubai.
One said: “He must have an incredible head for heights. One slip and he would have faced certain death.”
Happily the high-rise window cleaner disappeared safely back inside after his nerve-jangling once-over – and didn’t kick the bucket.

My thoughts are two:  a) the English have a funny way of spelling "stories," and b) do your windows need cleaning that much?

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Ralph said...

One more thought: in Dubai highrises, you can OPEN the windows????