Friday, October 8, 2010

Whatcha watchin'?

I've spent a lot of time with my googly eyes glued to Turner Classic Movies of late, and any time there is one of those gangster movies on, I'm as good as hooked. There was one I saw the other day called "Gun Crazy," and it was all about a man and his womanfriend who just couldn't get enough gunplay.  They even quit their jobs (she was an Annie Oakley-type sharpshooter in a carnival; he was an Army and reform-school product with no marketable skills other than shooting guns) in order to find more opportunities to shoot people while robbing them.  Of course, they died by being shot - big surprise, eh?

So I was half-dozing the other morning and came out of it just in time to hear a grey-haired tough guy on the screen threatening another guy.  "I'll take you out, buddy!" he was hollering.

"Oh, you're gonna take me out, huh?  How?" came the reply.

"Watch!" hissed the tough guy.

Geo. Raft (born George Ranft)
"Is that George Raft?" I asked, hitting the 'info' button on my well-worn remote.

He advocates housing the disadvantaged in prison!
Well, another surprise!  'Twas not George Raft or Humphrey Bogart or even Ronald Reagan, but the Today Show interviewing wealthy Buffalo businessman Carl Paladino, who is running for governor of New York in order to "serve da people." He was all bent out of shape because a newspaper had sent a reporter around to interview the child that he and a woman other than his wife enjoyed giving birth to ten years ago.  He was threatening to send a goon squad around to get this reporter, see?  'Cause the newspaperman was a wise guy, see? Snoopin' around and askin' questions and stickin' his nose in where it ought not be, see?

The pride of Delaware
This perfectly illustrates just how far as a nation we have come, when we can't even tell our would-be politicians from movie mobsters or sitcom witches.

Mrs Kravitz's neighbor
Now back to our regularly scheduled feature presentation, "It Came From Annapolis."

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