Friday, April 30, 2010

You think it's butter, but it's not. It's Siobhan!

I like everything about Season Top 6 American Idol contestant Siobhan Magnus except the fact that she got the boot the other night.

I'm not a fashion expert, but I always liked the way she dressed in an eclectic manner. You never knew from week to week what she would be sporting when she started in to sing, and didn't she sing like an angel!?! And I am pretty sure that if you look back at the weeks gone by, you'd see that she wore her hair in a different style every time you saw her. As someone who tends to wear his hair in the same style every day, I appreciate a little tonsorial creativity like that.

But Siobhan - I even like the sound of her name*, for crying out loud! - really took over in my popularity poll when she sang. She could do any kind of song - slow or fast, pop, country, western, rock and/or roll - and do it well.

But the judges seemed to like to pick on her. She didn't let it bother her, she who was voted "Most Individual" in high school a couple of years ago, that if she did a song more or less in the style of the original recording, she was told, "Dawg! You need to change things up there, knowwhatI'msayin?" and if she added original touches to someone else's song, she heard, "I don't recognize this changed it all around!"

And receiving fashion critique from a man whose wardrobe seems to consist of several dozen tight T-shirts with V-necks (maybe that's why they call it "TV') is as preposterous as receiving marriage counseling from Jesse James. Either one of them.

So let's see: pretty, great singer, sweet personality, interesting choice of clothes. Goodbye, Siobhan! See you for the finale, when I fully expect that Pants On The Ground guy to win it all.

*It means "God is Gracious," in Gaelic.

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