Sunday, April 18, 2010

I did not study for this quiz

Do you remember your dreams?
I woke up from a nap yesterday and remembered a dream in which the entire family was down the ocean and when I woke up I was disappointed that I was not about to swim in the ocean

How many times have you gotten detention in school?
In my junior year it got to the point where I had to carry a pocket calendar to book my detention appointments! I had it every day for weeks on end.

Did you wake up before 8am this morning?

Do you wear eyeliner?
No, and I wouldn't, even if I were entering the American Idol competition.

What's something that bothers you?
People being left out of things.

Were you smiling in the last picture taken of you?
I usually cheese bigtime, so yes.

What were you doing at 3am?
Sleeping and needing to visit Tinkletown.

What's something you really want right now, be honest?
Blueberry pie a la mode...but I'm not gonna get it!

Is there anybody you wish you could be spending time with right now?
No, because I'm with Peggy, so that's all I need.

Have your friends ever randomly stopped by your house?
At all hours of the day and night. We'll leave a light on for you.

Did you sleep in past noon today?
I have to be deathly ill to consider sleeping past 0600.

Have you ever cried yourself to sleep?
No no no.

How many different colors are you wearing right now?
Blue+ orange +green + white = 4.

Do you want someone back in your life?
Nope, everyone is present and accounted for.

How is the weather right now?
dark and kinda chilly.

What are you doing besides this?

What's the first thing you did when you woke up?
Turned off the alarm, visited the bathroom, went down and got a cup of tea

What made you happy today?
We went to Friendly Farm, and Peggy was happy that I trimmed the hedge - always fun on one leg!

Would you date someone twenty years older than you?
She would be 78 yoa and would probably fall asleep in the middle of her salad!

Are you listening to music right now?
Right this second it's Andy Williams singing "My Coloring Book." I'm second only to Nelson Muntz in my devotion to the aging crooner from Wall Lake, Iowa.

If you could move out of the house right now, would you?
We moved into this house so there would be more room for my junk and Peggy's treasures. I ain't leaving til it's time to report to Sunset Acres.

Do you think you can last in a relationship for 6 months?
No. 37 years, yeah, but not six months.

What are you looking forward to?
The promise of every new day, the Orioles getting their stuff together, the BIM reunion, vacation...

Do you have strange dreams?
There's one that keeps recurring... an ill-informed shrill squawker from Alaska is elected to higher office than anyone dreamed possible.

Do you have a reason to smile right now?
I liked that my young friend Lauren, from whom I steal these quizzes with great impunity, said there is never a time that she doesn't have reason to smile. I feel the same way. I grin all the time. Even when posing for a driver's license photo, I'm making with the full piano keyboard. One time the lady at a drive-thru bank asked if she could show my license to the other women in the bank because "no one else smiles like that!"

Whose car were you in last?

Do you like fruity or minty gum?
No gum, no mints, yecch. A friend insisted that I try some watermelon gum not long ago and it took several hours to rid my mouth of the lingering bad taste.

Do you think anyone likes you?
Got to figure someone does! Some might even love me.

Do you look people in the eye when you talk to them?
From the vantage point of being 6'5", my usual vista is the top of their head, but yes I go for eye contact.

What was the last thing you put in your mouth?
Coffee. Taster's Choice. Decaf.

Do you have any piercings? Which ones and how many?
Does a knee replacement count? if so, one.

Do you have any pepto bismol in your house?
The tablets, yes. I can't stand the taste of the pink liquid.

Do you have a favorite flavor of vodka?

Is your backyard big enough to fit a trampoline?
Yes and it would be so cool to put it behind and beneath the deck so I could save all those steps - just jump down or up, depending. Got to look into this!

When was the last time you had eggs?
Weekend breakfasts, always. With bacon and grits.

How often do you blow dry your hair? What color is your blow dryer?
My la-z-boy hair cut means it gets shampooed right after I wash my face in the shower and I keep going north. It gets dried with the towel and then I'm good. I think the last time I had a hair drier in my hands it was to remove old wallpaper.

Have you ever gone to bed later than 3 AM?
Used to work midnight shift - so yeah!

Have you been to a surprise party before?
Yes! Surprised?

Would you ever buy someone one of those singing birthday cards?
You mean the kind where they open it and hear a snippet of an old song? No, because Dollar Tree doesn't have that kind of card.

Are you good at wrapping presents?
If I really take my time, I can do a presentable job.

What is your least favorite month?
July because it's TFH and we go on vacay in August!

Have you ever gone to see a movie the day it came out?
I think yes, and it was probably Red Hot Swedish Exchange Student Nurses II, a real classic down at the Earle Theatre.

Are you aware that CD’s come out on Tuesdays and movies come out on Fridays?
Yes because they make a big deal out of in the Best Buy ads. I buy music online now just to avoid the Tuesday rush for the new Lil' Wayne CD.

Do you know anyone that has not completed high school when they should have?
Anyone who has not completed high school should have.

Have you ever listened to The Lonely Island?
Yes, he did the overnights on that smooth jazz station a couple of years ago, didn't he?

Do you like movies/books about drugs? Why?
At my age, the only acid I have to worry about is acid reflux, so no.

Do you have scrap paper by your computer desk?
scrap? One of those note cubes is right here.

Do you make your own money?
Yes but I think the Treasury Dept is getting wise. Plus it's hard to get just the right color of green ink.

Have you ever kept a bag from a store because you liked it?
No, but I love the way Ollie's Bargain Outlet buys bags from stores that went out of business or something, so you get to tote your purchases home in a bag advertising a hardware store in Brattleboro, VT.

Have you ever burnt yourself so that it left a scar?
Yes. Our pizza stone has made my hands look

Was the last thing you drank carbonated?
Beer. Cold, sweet beer, which asks for so little and yet gives so much.

Do you own any yellow clothing?
A couple of shirts. I wore a yellow polo yesterday. But no one asked me to play polo.

Who has the longest hair in your family?
Peggy, of course.

When was the last time you ate a pickle?
From the relish tray at Friendly Farm! Love 'em!

Was the last thing you drank a Coke or Pepsi product?
Never drink soda.

Do you need a smoke break right now?
No, I gave it up years ago.

Have you ever had a pet bird?
We had a parakeet when I was a kid. There was a parrot in front of the Crease bar in Towson. I used to walk by on my lunch hour and teach him to say "Reagan lied! Reagan lied!"

Would you rather have ice cream, freeze pops or popsicles in the Summertime?
I like those coconut frozen fruit bars.

Would you rather wear necklaces, bracelets, rings or earrings?
I wear my wedding ring and nothing else from the jewelry aisle. I'm not flashy.

Do you ever just randomly drive around when you're upset about something?
When I was too young to drive, I looked forward to doing just such a thing. Then once I could drive, it had no appeal. There are too many gozzleheads on the roads today to make driving anything like an enjoyable activity.

A trip to California, the Bahamas, New York, Wisconsin, Utah or Canada. Which do you choose?
Cooperstown, New York, to see the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Do you like the way your hair looks right now?
Yes, I frequently receive flirtatious glances from supermodels because of it. They seem to be enchanted by its sheen and lustre.

Play guitar, sims, keytar, xbox, drums, sing or take a dance class:
I'd love to play drums.

Are you in a hurry to grow up?
What the hell for? So I can get all agitated and join the Tea Party and be surrounded by agitated adults?

Who's pool did you last swim in?
The pool of good grammar, that's whose pool I visited.

Do your parents allow smoking inside your home?
Does anyone really smoke inside their house? Even the guy down the street from here has to stand out on the porch to hoove a Lucky, and it's his house!

If I came to your house, could I find any chocolate?
No, you would be SOL there, sorry.

Would you rather frolic through a field of daisies, sunflowers or daffodils?
Even as childlike as I am at times, I do not frolic, nor do I cavort or gambol. Prancing is also out.

What was the last thing that you charged?

Have plans for summer? If so, what?
August vacay in Cape May! Can't wait!

Are you avoiding anyone right now?
Billy Ray Cyrus. He wants to come over and sing that Achy-Breaky song some more.

What was the last song you had on repeat for a good while?
"A Month of Sundays" by Ernest Tubb.

What was the last thing you couldn't believe?
That hippopotami are vegetarians.

What scares you the most in life?
Dick Cheney.

When was the last time you tried not to cry?
Every day this spring, the pollen is making me cry.

Did you succeed?
Just call me "Mr Drippy"!

What do you hear?
Bing Crosby, "I Found a Million Dollar Baby"

Did you learn anything new today? If so, what?
That 90% of the tea partiers dislike the president but they all deny that there could be any racism in that.

What was the last movie you watched?
"Something Wild" with Jeff Daniels and Melanie Griffith.

Who or what caused you to be in the mood you're in now?
I'm generally happy and it's my responsibility to be so.

Ever wanted to tell someone something, but couldn't?
Oh heavens yes!

Do you believe in karma?
There's a lot of it going around!

When was the last time you felt like you were going to pass out?
It must have been when they doped me up for the colonoscopy.

What's the longest time you've held your breath?
January 20, 2001 - January 20, 2009.

What's your favorite type of donut?
I used to love Bavarian Cream, but no more donuts for this boy!

What was the last non-alcoholic beverage you consumed?

What color are your headphones?

How do you make money?
I work for the County.

How many people have you ever had oral sex with?
I love talking about sex!

What color is your wallet?
Brown leather. Cobwebs inside.

What's your favorite t.v show?
Family Guy.

Are you in love? With who?
Peggy since the first time I saw her.

What's your job title?
Public Information Specialist

Is the light on in the room you're in?
One lamp.

Favorite fruit:

Where is the person you dislike the most?
At an undisclosed location, preparing to go hunting.

How about the person you have feelings for?
Brushing her teeth!

Do you prefer glass or plastic cups?
It only matters for beer, and then I like a frozen glass glass.

Is your house big or small?
Pretty big for two people to rattle around in!

Can you whistle?
Yes but I wish I could do the finger-in-mouth type. So cool!

Has anybody ever been obsessed with you?
I wouldn't think so. I am not crush-worthy.


The Beynon Family said...

Just when I think I know lots about you, I realize there is so much more to learn. Love you!!

Mark said...

Love you too and we hope your anniversary was sweet and wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Once again you have to bring Adam Lambert into your lil blog wondering what I can send your way of Adam now hmmmmmm.... hahahah