Saturday, April 17, 2010


I'm starting to see a conspiracy. It wasn't all that long ago that I spotted a screw that had nestled itself in Peggy's left front tire.

The other night I saw another screw - it might have been from the same family as the one Peggy ran afoul of - sticking out of the left front tire of my truck.

(George Carlin: "Did you ever have chicken for lunch and chicken for dinner and wonder if the two chickens knew each other?")

As I do for all things automotive, I scooted up to the fantastic Jones Toyota and let them work their wizardry. This one, alas, was a little deeper than the first. The car doc came out and told me that surgery was indicated, and the cost of the patch 'n' plug would be 45 bucks.

But I had bought the tire there! So the repair was free!

Of course, while I waited for the patient to be wheeled out to me, I wandered over and looked over the new cars and trucks. I am caught between conflicting emotions. It's not a dilemma, per se, because a dilemma is a choice between two unpleasant alternatives. The new vehicles are cool as a moose, no question, but a new Camry and a new Tacoma ( I want the full dual cab this time!) will be around 55 thousand semolians.

And on the other hand, the service guys tell me that the car and the truck will run forever. So why get rid of them, when a little routine maintenance will keep them on the road?

Since I like some of the features on these new cars, I guess I will eventually weaken... if nature keeps shoving screws into the tires and I spend enough time at the dealership, who knows?

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