Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Scalias of Justice

The Supreme Court decided that banning the sale of violent video games to children would constitute curtailing the freedom of expression so cherished by the creators of BloodBath and Beyond and Die, Neighbor, Die and the other video games that young people of all ages spend hours on daily.  So this must be good for the kids.

Meanwhile, you can't get into a movie to see two people making love until you're of a certain age.  Justice Scalia, scribbling the majority opinion in the video game case, said that while the video games are disgusting, disgust is not a qualifier here.  So again, a couple of people get all nekkid and start doing the hibbidy-dibbidy on screen, and whoa, Nellie - you can't see that when you're only 17!  Nor can Nellie's partner. 

So the kids can't go to a movie, and wind up going home or someplace (do they still have Lover's Lanes?) and doing something else. 

Then they go home and break out the Xbox and fire up NARC or God of War.

And please, tell me again how if teenagers are not allowed to see the horizontal high jump, they will never think about sex!  Teenagers think about sex while they're doing algebra, while they're ringing up orders at Burger World, and even when they're not thinking about sex.

Teenagers who will spend time thanking Justice Scalia (seen at right making a disgusting gesture) tomorrow will be in line to buy the new Grand Theft Auto game tomorrow night.

Which half of that sentence is right? 

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