Monday, June 27, 2011

High School Consequential

I see on the TODAY show that some high schools are getting rid of the yearbook page whereupon the senior class makes predictions about which kid will wind up being a success and who will have the most kids and which incipient relationship will turn into a long-lasting marriage.

People who know about these things insist that being billed "most likely to succeed" puts unnecessary stress on a person, and they're quick to point out that Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and other richguy bigshots were not so designated at eighteen.  We don't know for sure how many people have taken the slight of not being chosen most-likely-to-succeed, and used it as a driving force to do well in their chosen field and earn big-time bucks just to show the yearbook staff that they don't know nothin'.

I think that being asked to make such predictions is a huge stress on the yearbook staff, anyway.  It's been my experience that a lot of the goofball heads from high school turn out to be the huge achievers in life, while many of the grinds who did all the homework, joined the right clubs and excelled all through senior high school find themselves high as a kite as they approach the era of senior discounts.   It's always hard to generalize.

See what I mean?

But, because I have a little extra time today, I thought I would give a little help to next year's yearbook staffs with this list of easily-voted-upon predictions for the class of 2012:
  • Most likely to be sorry for buying so many crappy cars
  • Most likely to spend a lot of time calling sports talk shows on AM radio, averring that their son could play third base better than the incumbent third baseman for the local nine
  • Couple most likely to be married most often
  • Most likely to appear on a reality show
  • Most likely to watch a reality show
  • Most likely to wear a t-shirt under a pinstripe suit
  • Most likely to eschew proper foundation garmentry
  • Most likely to find the happiness in life that comes from building healthy relationships, developing a rewarding vocation or avocation, and living the life that so many dream of, and very few seem to find
It's just my opinion, but that last one is the one for which high school seniors should aim.

And the great thing about life is, you can still aim for all that, no matter how long it's been since you finished high school (or not!)

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