Friday, June 3, 2011

Assaultin' Battery

The other morning, my Droid was having its little droid issues.  It's my cell phone and camera and internet surfer and email sender and bringer and photo array holder...most of us have one, and being a gadgety guy, I use mine a lot.  So when it wouldn't load properly, and the apps-killer would kill no apps, and the ringtone involuntarily changed from the Alabama Roll Tide song to a generic bell sound, I went into a mild panic and was so upset that I almost put on my left sock first!  Which violates my morning protocol.  There is a ritual for these things, you know.

And then! I remembered what always works.  This works for the computer.  It worked for the microwave that steamy Sunday I was steaming broccoli and the vent fan over the stove, part of the built-in microwave, would not shut off.  It's worked for most every radio, phone or power tool that is battery operated.

"It" is: cutting off the power and letting it rest for a while.  

I removed the cell battery and drove to work.  Once at the office, I reinstalled the battery and the phone powered up just ever so nicely.

I have had to do "it" to computers - they get so overwhelmed sometimes when I give them tough assignments such as googling "something that Thoreau paid for himself without sponging money off Emerson" or finding a picture of a left-handed monkey wrench, they just sit and blink at me, as Emerson must have done to Thoreau on countless occasions.  Just pull the power and let it rest a minute.  

The vent fan: same deal.  Unplugged the whole kit 'n' caboodle (the caboodle was overheated anyway) and let it sit while we chowed down, and then plugged it back in and everything was groovy. 

Turn it off for a minute, let it rest and settle down, and then start up all over again. Probably good advice for a lot of times when we're all steaming and overloading.  Just step back, count to ten, and see if things don't look better.  The old Ten-Count never fails to help things look fine.

Most of the time, they will.

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