Friday, October 30, 2009

Our new favorite recipe

Peggy and I don't often agree on recipes, but here's one I sort of stumbled upon (laughing lightly at the resultant abrasions), and we both like it.

First, boil a pot of water.

While that's boiling, run and get a box of whole-wheat linguine, some cherry tomatoes, chicken (or pork or shrimp or no meat at all) chunks and a zucchini.

Fire up the wok, or a deep frying pan, and Julienne the zucchini (or cut it into long thin strips) and saute it in a pan in plenty of olive oil, garlic, onion, Italian seasoning and grated Parmesan cheese, and then toss in the cherry tomatoes (quartered) and meat chunks.

I like using the term "meat chunks," although I can see where it lacks a certain gentility. So do I, frankly.

Water boils, toss in noodles. Cook for recommended length of time. When that time is up, drain in colander and then turn the recently colanderized noodles into the frying pan, removed from the heat, and toss the pasta and the saute together with some olive oil and grated cheese.

Call it what you like, and I hope you'll try it, and like it.

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