Sunday, October 25, 2009

A man's just got to know his lamentations

I've seen Clint Eastwood act in a lot of movies, from the Italian westerns of the 60s to the Dirty Harry canon of the 70s to the silly ones with the chimp and, for my sins, I will plead guilty to sitting through The Bridges of Madison County. Although Peggy seemed to enjoy that one, it made me yearn for fresh air.

But last night, housebound by whatever ailment of mine that has me as lethargic as molasses in January, we watched Gran Torino on pay-per-view and I thought it worth the $4.99. I won't tell any details, but I will recommend it highly. Like me, you might come away with questions about the nature of life and death.

Such as, who the heck really knows? Does being older necessarily give one more wisdom in terms of the meaning of life and death? Does having taken a life make one more astute as to its value? Would, say, a doctor, nurse or EMT who either brought a new life onto this earth, or prevented one from falling through the rye, gain insight that others lack?

I know in my heart that there is an afterlife, and in my mind, it will consist of a reunion of souls, some of whom I have wanted to see again, and others that I'll just say "hey " to and move to another part of the cloud. But you might feel totally another way. The point is, we don't know for sure, and then, when life ends, that's when we'll know all about it.

Which means that life has a lot in common with a pay-per-view movie. Now that we're into Comcast for a penny short of a finsky for this movie, I could go back and watch it again and know what was going to happen, but it wouldn't be as much fun. That's why one thing I Know For Sure (,Oprah,) is that you have to live every day to find out the best parts of life, and enjoy them while you can. Unlike Comcast, we don't have a rewind button.

Or, in some cases, a volume control, but that's another story.

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