Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Election took place last year - Obama Won!

"Some people, you can pay 'em 700 dollars a week to work as mattress testers and they'd still complain. Pie tasters! 'Cherry again? I wanted blueberry! Why do I get stuck with cherry all the time?' "

The words of that wise old cop come back to me all the time. He was teaching me the tools many years ago and he offered up some of the unique views on people that he had garnered over the course of a career that had seen him deal with his share of them. Lately I think about old Sgt Freeland when I see how they - and by "they" I mean the AM radio flamethowers - are treating the president.

Parenthetically, as an old radio man, I have to say one thing about the Limbaughs and the Hannitys of the world and their sycophants plying their trade on local stations across the country. I know Limbo used to be a blowhard top 40 DJ by the name of Jeff Christie, but he has an annoying way of speaking; it almost sounds like he is belching out every other word. And Hannity has one of those pinched-nose nasal adenoidal things going on. I bring this up to say that even if I agreed with a single thing that either of them have to say, and so far I have not, I would still have a hard time listening to them because they are hard to listen to.

And oh my, how they've been piling on Mr Obama for the high treason of slipping over to Copenhagen for a few hours to put in a pitch to have the Olympics in Chi. Well. You'd think he had gone over there to endorse Rio de Janeiro or something! I don't see where there's anything wrong with the president of the United States going to bat for one of the major cities of the United States. I really don't. I dunno; maybe it's me. I'm still trying to figure out why people are opposed to speed cameras. The only logical conclusion is that people would oppose speed cameras because they don't want to be caught speeding...therefore, they support speeding!?

But to get back to the president, who apparently in 8 months is supposed to have straightened out everything that went wrong from 2001 to January '09 - he was away from DC for less than a day. Last year, George W. Bush spent four days sitting in China watching the

But that's OK. At least he was back in time for his National Guard duty.

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Ralph said...

To paraphrase the WaPo critic's intro to her reports on American Idol: You listen to Limbo and watch Hannity so I don't have to.