Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Bridge Club meets tomorrow

Emily Dickinson told us that

There is no Frigate like a


To take us Lands away

but then again, old Emily was dealing with 19th-Century Technology, and didn't know a webcam from an Amherst hoodie.

If Emily were still with us (she'd be 179) she'd have other ways to be taken to distant lands. The webcam is a great one. Anyone with a pc can click on cameras that show things from the current traffic in Times Square to the water cooler in some office somewhere.

Down on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Ocean City, the Atlantic beach resort, is really a long thin sandbar between the ocean and the Assawoman Bay. (This estuary is never mentioned in any public school geography lesson around here for reasons that are quite obvious.) There's a bridge over route 90, taking vacationers, harried waitresses and motel desk staff from the mainland to the upper end of the town, and recently the span was found to be structurally deficient. Uh oh. But - yesterday, the drawbridge down at the other end of town was opened, and large barges proceeded up to the site of the troubled bridge over water, and the repairs will be underway.

And YOU can watch the work live by going to this webcam site!

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