Monday, July 1, 2013


     Yesterday, I had one of the nicest birthdays ever, because it was low-key and non-frantic. I kept my continual-day napping streak alive with a quick snooze after breakfast, and that makes eight straight weeks of nodding on the La-Z-Boy, which keeps me atop the 62-and-over division in the Competitive Slumber League.          

     The way I see it, sleep has been helpful in healing my knee after surgery, and now I add a cold to the list of things that need to go away, so a snore session is doubly helpful. I mean, ask any doctor,  "Should I take a nap right now?" and unless you're driving at the moment you ask, the answer will be, "Definitely!"      

     In fact, when you think about it, half the time you go to the doctor, the first thing they do is knock you out, thereby lending credence to my snooze theory.      

     My ideal nap lasts an hour, between, say, 9 and 10 in the yawning, and takes place in my recliner.  I cover myself in a ceremonial blanket, I put the TV on, but way down low, on Music Choice channel 441 (light classical.) I've already read something, and now it's nighty-night time (or morningy-morning time, as it were.) 
     In the 37 seconds before I sink deeply into Dozeville, I consider ponderous topics such as    

 *Who works at Music Choice and decides what selections are "light classical" and which are "classical classical"?  
  *Why do some people get front row seats along the foul lines at a baseball game and then decide to insert themselves into the game by trying to catch a foul pop, spilling beer and peanuts all over the guy beside them, their own pants, and the left fielder?   

  * Is there anything better to do on July 4th than to go to a cookout and hang around for fireworks after it gets dark?

 It's July! live it up, summer-style!

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