Monday, July 22, 2013

Save picture as........

I was surfing the net and found this list on a really cool site called easyhomestead.  I tell you, the contributors to this site really think of some great tips..such as, take some old keys that you don't even have any idea what they were ever for, screw them onto a small board, bend up the tooth end with pliers, and you have...a keyring holder.  Perfect for those mornings when it's carpool time and no one can figure where Junior left the keys to the Biscayne.

But here is the list I wanted to share.  Since almost everyone carries a cell phone with a camera these days, why not take  -and save in your photo gallery - pictures of things you are going to need...such as a picture of your pill bottle that you need refilled?  That way, you'll have the name of the pill and the Rx # and everything else.

Or, pictures of:

• Where you parked. It's not always easy to remember the name or letter or color of the garage and level where you park outside the Mul-Tee-Plex 48 Cinema, and after you've enjoyed seeing "Ernest Needs a Kidney," you want to get home right fast!
• Your printer cartridges. Make sure you can see the refill numbers. But my advice is NOT to use those cheapie refilled cartridges.  I bought some once and they were as useful as a sundial in a blizzard.  Spend the money for the real factory jobs...
• Your family members' clothing sizes.
• The measurements of your air filter.  16x24x1 here.
• The types of lightbulbs that fit your home fixtures.
• A recipe from a book or magazine that you want to use soon.
• Something that you use someplace and want to get one of for yourself, e.g. the great gel pen that the doctor's office has at the check-in (and is tied down with rubber bands, twine and a chain to stop us from ripping it off!)
• Homemade kind of stuff you see in a craft store or antique shop that you know you can do yourself, but it would be good to have a picture of the bookshelf set made from old beer boxes.

And, of course, don't forget to have your phone handy when shopping at the megaretailer.  That way, when you see something like what's below, you can share it!

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