Tuesday, July 2, 2013

This bites!

It's summertime in Maryland, and the living is easy, except for those of us who are favorites on the mosquito menu.  And Maryland is not the worst place I've ever seen for these little blood-sucking insects.  New Jersey!  Lord, they got 'em up there.  Mosquitoes even have their own airports up there, that's how big they are.

Over the years, I've been bitten by these Satanic bugs plenty of times, and I have tried almost every remedy.  Scratch!  Don't scratch!  Alcohol!  (Wiped on the bite, not guzzled by the bitee.)  SeaBreeze.  Anti-histamine products.  Pro-histamine products. I've tried them all, and now comes this advice from Lifehacker.com.

They say that if you take a hot metal spoon and hold the bowl of the spoon on the bite, the heat will neutralize the proteins that cause the itch.  So the bump will hang around, but not the itch.

I will try this cure the next time one of them gets me, but you can rest assured that the mosquitoes are reading this, and they  have their Research and Development people working on a secret protein to inject into us to defeat the spoon technique.

It's man vs. nature, and my money is on nature every time.  Unless you take the spoon and smersh that critter before he gets a chance to bite you in the first place!

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