Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Saturday picture show, 7/13/13

I have a feeling that if this little greened-over bridge is close to your house and you get to walk near or over it now and then, you feel a lot better just for having been there.
 Someone found this and posted it.  It's the original cast of "That 70's Show" (minus Red and Kitty!!) and look at how young they all look.  Everyone figured that Ashton Kutcher would become a huge movie star, and instead he winds up as mop-up man for Charlie Sheen on a now-silly sitcom. And mega-stardom surely lay ahead for Topher Grace!  But not so fast.  Mila Kunis, virtually unrecognizable here on the lower right, is in all the movies today and clearly has the best career of all the kids from Point Pleasant.  As Mitt Romney would say, you never can tell how things are going to work out.
Well, this could be a recent photo, shot with one of those Olde-Time FotoFilters to make it look like it was actually taken during the Civil War.  Or, it could actually be a relic from the War Between The States, and if so, would be the first recorded photobomb.  Look on the lower left.
Three years gone, and we still miss Leslie Nielsen, the man whose career had two lives.  Early in his movie days, he was the handsome leading man in movies such as "The Poseidon Adeventure," "Tammy and the Bachelor" (he played the bachelor) and "Forbidden Planet."  In 1979, he was watching television one evening, and saw himself looking ridiculous in a made-for-tv movie, pitching woo to a co-star young enough to be his great-niece.  The next day, as he told it, he was given a script for a satire of disaster movies, called "Airplane!" That was the first time you ever heard someone who had been asked, "Surely you can't be serious?" reply with, "I am serious. And don't call me Shirley."  And that led to playing Sergeant Frank Drebin, a detective lieutenant in "Police Squad."

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