Thursday, July 25, 2013

Always avoid cliches like the plague

All right.  This started a few years ago in the fashion world, where people who have no idea what the rest of us wear try to tell us what to wear.

If they had their way, we'd all dress like Lady GaGa going to a wedding.

Green is the new blue, they proclaimed!  Stripes are the new plaid!  Ugly is the new pretty!

I pretty much leave the world of fashion to their own odd pleasures, but then "blank is the new blank" started spilling over into the real world, where you and I live.

Small is the new big!
Old is the new new!
Awake is the new asleep!

It got so ridiculously overdone, as do just about all cliches, that it almost went away.

But now there is evidence of a new groundswell in this inane equation.  "Orange Is The New Black" is a new TV series about someone sent to jail because she was in a relationship with a drug smuggler.  Well, in this case, "ignoring the hell out of it" will be the new "watching it" for me, just because every time I think of the show, I will have to think of this picture, sent via Tweet by an apparently insane FOX News contributor by the name of Geraldo Rivera.

Geraldo sent this picture on Sunday, thereby ruining what had been planned as a pleasant day for those so unfortunate as to stumble across it.  The tweet said:
70 is the new 50...Erica and family are going to be so pissed, but at my age......

And all any of us can do is hold our heads and our senses of taste and shake them.  Our heads, that is.  Geraldo already shook our senses of taste.

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Gordon Johannes said...

Mark, I am in agreement. Thanks for standing up and blogging your opinions...