Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I have my -oon way of doing things

I have my theories, one of which is that I never met a Jackie (or Jaci, or Jacquie, or any other homophone) that I didn't like.  I saw some survey once where they rated names by what people thought of them, but I discarded the whole thing as silly rubbish when it said that most people's impression of the name "Mark" was that of a spoiled child.

Stupid survey.  See if I care!

But it dawned on me that words ending in "oon" are usually in the fun realm.  Balloon!  Who doesn't like a nice balloon bopping along in the breeze?  Pontoon?  one of those floating patio pontoon boats!  Who wouldn't like to be out one of them, slowly coursing up one of the many waterways that connect us all around here?  You can even have a grill on one of those boats, because you're not going to be going 85 knots and sending up a wake like when an SUV splashes into the water.

Brigadoon!  Everyone loves that old musical about a mythical town that comes to life every hundred years or something, much like Crawford, Texas.  When you sing "Almost Like Being In Love," you're singing a show-stopper from Brigadoon, lassie.

Mac and Katie Kissoon were brother and sister, born Gerald and Katherine Farthing, but every time you sing out loud "Chirpy-Chirpy Cheep Cheep," their big hit from 1971, you're not only paying homage to the Kissoons,  you're risking involuntary commitment.

Afternoon - everyone loves the afternoon; it leads to dinner!

Buffoon - see Crawford, Texas, reference above.

Cartoon - the old kind! Like Top Cat or The Flintstones.  Cartoons are fun to watch!

Doubloon - if you ever watched a pirate movie, gold doubloons were what was in the sunken treasure chest, so guys like Errol Flynn would always run their hands through the coins and holler "Avast ye!" Note to self: look up "avast."

Macaroon - it's a sweet, soft cookie!  Mainly made up of coconut!  What else could you ask from a cookie?

Spermatozoon - without which, none of us would be here....

Mr Lodge's first name is "Hiram"!
Tycoon - Mr Lodge from "Archie" comics! The Monopoly man!  Any stuffed shirt wearing a suit (monocle optional) who has one of those stock tickers in his office and sits there scanning his fortune, in the movies, is a tycoon.  Donald Trump is a modern day tycoon and look at how beloved he is!

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