Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Saturday Picture Show, 7/6/13

 Mariano Rivera, the great Yankee closer (final relief pitcher) is retiring after this season at the age of 127.  To send him off to a well-deserved retirement, the Minnesota Twins saved some of the bats broken by their hitters in their attempts to hit his cut fastball, which is a devil of a pitch to hit.  At the last second, it makes a sharp lateral move as it sails over the plate and hapless hitters swing.  The Twins made a nice rocking chair for the elderly Rivera as he heads to well-deserved retirement.
 I saw this picture and I thought, why can't all parking garage owners and operators be this smart?  Here, they have painted the yellow line up the wall a bit, so you can line your car up right as you back in.  So simple, and yet...
 A man posted this picture of his friend's daughter.  She took a line drive right off the melon while seated at a ballpark, and for her trouble, she was given an official ball and bat.  I also understand that her parents' insurance company paid off in a lump sum.
How nice of the Nat'l Security Agency to open a supermarket for us to shop!  And here is the great don't have to worry about bringing your list with you...they already know what you want....

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